May your online Strategy + Marketing become a thriving digital ecosystem that continues to flourish with INTENTION | CONNECTION | ABUNDANCE

Offerings and Availability:

Hashtag Strategy Sessions, The intention of our time together is to nurture your Instagram account through Hashtag Marketing + Connection.

Marketing Strategy Coach,1:1 Individual Sessions, where we meet as little or as much as you like when you are seeking a guide to navigate all things tech and online to support and elevate your work within the digital space.

Social Media Nurturing, where I can audit your hashtags, and posts to help you create hashtag bundles that elevate you within the social media landscape. Making sure you are not using tags that diminish your visibility. (would recommend combing through your tags every 3-6 months)

Social Media Templates, using Canva we can create templates that are branded with your vibe! Creating for posts, stories, Pinterest, YouTube and any other format, so that all you have to do is open up Canva and fill in the blanks!

Branding, love creating a vibe that expresses your work! I have been an artist my entire life and can co-create with you, making the process easy with templates you can continue to reuse for all your social shares.

Pinterest Strategy + Marketing Manager, nurturing one of the most valuable lead gens today! Creating a strong foundation and template to make managing and posting on Pinterest easy and getting results!

If you are interested in connecting to see if we are a fit, please know that there is no pressure of sales when we do!

Please fill out this form if your interested in connecting so that we are super clear on our intentions for our conversation and what you may be needing support in.

Client Love

Natalie, I just wanted to let you know how much you helped midwife Luminous Birth into being. In the very early stages of developing our online presence, your wealth of knowledge and expertise was truly invaluable. You not only encouraged me so much to let myself be fully seen in the social media realms, you seriously went above and beyond with your time and energy giving me detailed guidance and step-by-step assistance learning website integrations, SEO’s, and helping me become YouTube, Instagram, TikTok literate! You were seriously an alchemist and transformed my experience from being super intimidated – to super inspired and eager to keep learning!!

Victoria Rose

Luminous Birth