I’m Natalie, your Digital Midwife who births + nurtures your Digital Temple. Offering Virtual Assistant services for small businesses.

What is a Digital Temple?

The online space in which your works lives within the digital ecosystem, cultivating strong pathways for folks to be in community and engage with your body of work.

You’re digital ecosystem is co-created by you and moi your Digital Midwife and you get to decide how to cultivate and what works best for you, and your work. There is the back end systems and front facing, and together we can strengthen your strategy, client leads and everyday operations.

The Digital Ecosystem Includes:

Social Media + Hashtags

Website Design


Nurturing SEOs for website and BLOG

Search Engine Platforms (YouTube, Pinterest)

Online Community

Courses – Free & Evergreen offerings

Vlog & Podcast & Blog

Backend structure, automations and organization so you can FLOW

*Please note that you do not need all of these aspects and we can discuss what elements to cultivate supporting your Digital Ecosystem.

How do we nurture your Digital Ecosystem?

Co-creating Marketing Strategy aligned with your values.

Cultivating a Brand & Visuals that express your work.

Receiving guidance from your Digital Midwife aka Natalie, who has been in the wellness field since 2002, and studying online tech since 2015…who is extremally sensitive and attuned to the energetics.

Who are the folks I work with?

Heart lead Humans, Businesses, Organizations.

Wellness & holistic industry.

Valued aligned business’ centered around integrity, community and equity.

Looking for Virtual Assistant?

Tasks a Virtual Assistant can do

Co-create a thriving digital ecosystem that attracts your ideal clients and community…

We begin by assessing what your needs are and prioritize what to focus on.

We come up with a marketing strategy to implement, where I can do the backend work within your sacred digital temple as a Virtual Assistant or you can get into the fertile soil and start weeding!

Our work together can be on backend techy stuff like automations, flow and SEOs or…

On a particular launch, offering, course or workshop.

Creating templates with your branding in Canva to make it super easy to create social posts.

Create spread sheets for your SEO(keywords) or Hashtags that will elevate you within the digital space.

What are some of the ways we can co-create to nurture your existing clients that will inspire them to go deeper into and invite others into your work?

Creating a workshop or course around your work. I am a certified workshop and course creator from Dalhousie University, that understands inclusive learning styles. Also love creating + designing workbooks + presentations(slides) from your content and work. I am also Offering Course audits to ensure that you are implementing a well rounded learning experience.

Elevating how you care for your clients as they enter and exit your space, what systems do you have in place with all of the little touches that let them know you care. This can be anything from copy for confirmation emails to application process or how long term clients are nurtured within automations. Also including the ease in which clients can access your offerings.

Making your day to day easier + FLOW! Lets go over your day, and see how we can create automations and flow so that you can focus on what you love.

Offerings and Availability:

Virtual Assistant; I am currently taking on new clients who are seeking someone to support in weekly, or monthly back end tasks, like posting on social media, elevating blog posts with SEOs or being your go to gal for large launches or group offerings. Editing podcasts or videos:)

Marketing Strategy Coach,1:1 Individual Sessions, where we meet as little or as much as you like when you are seeking a guide to navigate all things tech and online to support and elevate your work within the digital space.

Social Media Nurturing, where I can audit your hashtags, and posts to help you create hashtag bundles that elevate you within the social media landscape. Making sure you are not using tags that diminish your visibility. (would recommend combing through your tags every 3-6 months)

Social Media Templates, using Canva we can create templates that are branded with your vibe! Creating for posts, stories, Pinterest, YouTube and any other format, so that all you have to do is open up Canva and fill in the blanks!

Website, design and SEOs, I can create from scratch using WordPress or elevate an existing site. (Also an artist, who can do graphic design)

Branding, love creating a vibe that expresses your work! I have been an artist my entire life and can co-create with you, making the process easy with templates you can continue to reuse for all your social shares.

Pinterest Marketing Manager, nurturing one of the most valuable lead gens today! Creating a strong foundation and template to make managing and posting on Pinterest easy and getting results!

Virtual Assistant Package Pricing

Pinterest Strategy, Keywords and Canva Templates

Custom Canva Templates

Hashtag Marketing, to grow your Instagram and attract clients

For all other Virtual Assistant Services, including Virtual Assistant Social Media Manager please reach out to inquire:

Contact iamnataliesoul@gmail.com

Interested in a FREE Digital Landscape audit?

Where I immerse myself within your digital ecosystem (aka website and socials) offering a few voice notes and guidance around possible ways to nurture your Digital Temple for a thriving business’.


Check Out the Canva Templates & Hashtag bundles available on ETSY


Check out some of the Branded Vibes created for Business Branding + Editable Canva Templates.

Personalized branding expresses your ESSENCE + ENERGY!

If you are looking to express your ESSENCE within your online presence let’s connect iamnataliesoul@gmail.com

This offering includes your selfies and professional pics to be edited with the expressions of your essence. (as you see in pics below)

Contact iamnataliesoul@gmail.com