Yoga in the Community and Collaborations

Yoga is a beautiful way to bring the community together; there are so many ways we can explore and enjoy yoga.

Natalie loves collaborating with other communities, teachers, and holistic practitioners.

Offering yoga/yogic practices for workshops, events, memberships, retreats, and groups online + in-persons.

We can collaborate online and in person!

Are you interested in hosting an event, or a collaboration on a workshop or retreat?

Let’s connect, send me an email,


​-Kirtan* (mantra, chanting meditation)
-Women’s and all gendered circles
-Sacred Ceremonies
-Yoga for healing, relaxation, strengthening, & stretching.

Enjoying a beautiful day at the Internationally revered Peggy’s Cove!

About Natalie’s Yoga Practice

Our intention in practice is to acknowledge/honour the body’s innate wisdom, you are the true guide.

This is your body, your practice, and always your choice.  I invite you to be gentle with you.

Supporting the body’s needs throughout the practice. Accessibility is one of our pillars that anchors our flow within the asanas (yoga postures), and can also tailor to meet the group’s needs. For example, if your group is seeking a strengthening flow with folks who participate in warrior-type postures we can certainly discuss what you’re looking for, or you may seek a gentle grounded connection.

The choices you make with your body are celebrated in this space.

The yoga practice Natalie offers is rooted in honouring yoga’s roots and deeply steeped within the spiritual teachings of the yogic lineage.

As an embodiment guide, Natalie invites somatic experiences into the practice, alongside nurturing the connection to the body’s language.

Reach out, and let’s chat about collaborations.


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