Thyroid Healing Journey

Disclaimer: this is not medical advice, my story may not apply to your experiences, we are all different. And that’s ok!

Thank you to all the humans who inspired me to write this

Thyroid – healing journey through mind : body : soul

There are many approaches and facets when healing the physical body. Often being so distracted within the physical symptoms and effects; we forget to address the mind and soul aspects of the healing. The depths of self discovery while supporting the needs of the thyroid was unexpected. The journey inspired; aligning me with my heart’s desire.

Supporting the thyroid assisted me to learn more about trusting, loving and having patience with self.

For years I knew I had exhaustion; the recommendations from my family dr was ‘get more rest.’ So I slept in from time to time when I could fit it in; during my 50-70 hour workweek of running a business; and teaching part time. In my career I was indulging in society’s versions of success, as the vessel to bury my unresolved emotions within, from the past. Creating stories and many conversations within, wondering; when does it get fun? When will I be happy?

The body’s symptoms spoke so loudly I shifted my business from being 12 employees to myself and one other. Downsizing allowed me to place more focus on my clients and not have as much responsibility. A very logical decision for my health. Even though the stress was reduced dramatically; alongside a reduction of work life to 50-60 hour weeks. It felt like I had won the lottery’ and yet getting even sicker! I followed my intuition and finally registered for flute lessons in the city. I wanted to learn how to play flute for 20 years………… my heart was rekindling the love of music within my life.

I’ll never forget the day I was in the family MD Dr’s office. Sitting in her chair; she named a list of health issues including: thyroid imbalance, fibromyalgia, IBS and so on……….her professional council was to ingest the drugs prescribed and see if I get better. She followed with…….I would probably need to be hospitalized soon, the body was shutting down due to extreme exhaustion.

Leaving her office I was shocked and did not resonate with her advice. Walking into my home I ripped up the prescriptions, and called my Natural path dr that I just started seeing.

Utilizing alternative approaches in healing the physical body created controversial conversations with those around me. I learned that others though well intended, thought their approach would be the best course of action. I was a wild woman going against the grain. Wanting to balance the body and every cell, a deep seeded ancient wisdom/knowing echoed through my being. I heard the calling; my response was to surrender my sword, transforming judgment and fears, into allies. The stubborn will of resistance shifted; guiding itself within, tapping into a primal force. Intuition of self healing.

I become my best health practitioner, quickly surrounding myself with a team of experts; supporting, guiding my actions; and educating/facilitating the healing process. Decisions held clarity in the empowerment of connecting to the conversations of the body. Learning about the ability we have to heal and what that natural process looks like. Through many approaches/ perspectives incorporated through my health team.

Visits to the family dr , frequently checking my blood-work was challenging. She lectured me every time about taking her meds, telling me I was crazy to think food would make me better. She did not think I was taking my health seriously. I looked her in the eyes as I cried and said “fuck off! This is my body and I am investing lots of money in alternative healing that is not covered in our health care system.” How much more serious can I get? I’ve changed everything about my everyday living. Since that visit she never lectured again.

Shifts/actions implemented during the healing process.

:Shifting my schedule to include one day a week bed rest for a year; now once or twice a month.

:Eating with pure intention of every bite that enters my body contributing to the support it needs for the healing process.

:questioning everything I learned in the past about health

:asking people for their support; letting them know when they indulge in conversations that are not aligned with my wellness journey. Being honest about what support looks like within this moment.

:letting go of the concept of “right and wrong” within the healing process. (The body’s complexities and variables unique to the individual journey creating options/medicines that will vary.)

:ask lots of questions- there are questions to be asked that we are not even aware of. Allow them to naturally arise as you open.

:eliminate all foods that alter hormone levels; soy and dairy are the biggest influences. The body is trying to self regulate, consumption of a hormone altering foods have side effects: (these foods also interferes with the medication prescribed by your physician.)

The discovery of yoga and the effects on the nervous system empowered the body with a practice of enjoying the parasympathetic nervous system. Where the body’s natural healing process lives. I did not know how powerful it was to understand the nervous system and how it works. That knowledge shifted my entire approach. My yoga practiced evolved the more I began the conversation with the nervous system, learning what the body needed to maximize the natural healing process. Engaging in formations and postures that influence the thyroid. Playing and experimenting; the curiosity of wellness and a balanced state of being inspired every action.

Within one year I was able to balance the thyroid to the “normal” levels through incorporating a holistic approach. As well as all other symptoms/illness the family dr listed that day. Almost two years later the digestive issues are no longer interfering in my everyday life; with so much improvement.

The dedication to the healing as been 1000% and I’m feeling better than I have in years. Yoga, music, chanting, meditation, art; alongside nature ……….my way of connecting to the beauty in life. Moments that feels like celebrations.

Build your team; I now love my family dr because of the honest conversation about my approach. We now have an understanding. She does not support my holistic approach, yet understands that I believe in the balance of the two worlds – modern and holistic medicine. I will be blending them as I see fit. Because I am in charge of what is best for me. She may think it’s a huge coincidence that I feel better. And that’s ok. She has her beliefs! I respect her worldview; and asked that she respect mine.

Sound healing has been the most powerful exploration/experience within this journey. When I hit rock bottom with my health, I registered for a day workshop; connecting to self through spiritual rituals and practices. That day shifted my life forever. That afternoon two beautiful humans entered our sacred circle with instruments I’ve never seen before. Jon and Michelle’s gentile, open, healing energies flowered over me as soon as they entered the room. They where hosting a kirtan. What? My mind thought. Anxiety began to fill me up. Heart racing. They invited me to join them in singing in a language I’ve never heard. I was scared. I don’t know why. I trusted the heart and sang anyways. As soon as I opened my mouth tears flooded my face. Crying and chanting I began to feel something I’ve never felt before.

The calling became stronger as weeks passed…… I then began to attend their kirtan at the Fall River Yoga Center. I even decided to pick up my guitar after 10 years of not playing; learning with Jon and Michelle these beautiful ancient mantras in Sanskrit. Every day the chants where calling me. In my dreams I chanted with many different tribes and cultures.

I was finding my voice. A voice that I realized was not speaking from truth for many years. Diving into the relationship I had with my throat chakra and my voice was bringing clarity to the effects it had on my thyroid gland. As a child I refused to speak to adults; they scared me and I did not like them. My parents closest friends cannot believe as an adult I speak to strangers for a living; as they remember very clearly not being able to hear my voice until my teens years.

As I release these layers, life’s memories began to flow through me; revealing my true nature and how the mind has created so many misunderstandings. Thoughts I’ve attached to as truth.

All that I thought I was is not. And all that I think I am is not. I am nothing and everything. I am the space. I am love.

Within the stillness a frequency arises the sound fills the space, flowing back into the stillness.

-Natalie Parsons

*please note* holistic approaches may not be the sole approach for some illness and always speak to your health care practitioner before discontinuing prescription drugs. I recommend seeing a natural path along side your health care professional, and not relying only on the internet. Be safe and take care of your beautiful vessel.

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