For me to deepen my understanding of how to cultivate a thriving ecosystem for your Pinterest account, I also need to understand what kills it.  

So that’s what I did.

To observe.

To learn.

Be curious.

Go deeper.

My Pinterest account was over 50K monthly views and I wanted to see how I could bring that number to under 10k or lower + how long would it take? What are ways I can accomplish this? Let’s try it out!


Questions I asked myself for the study:

🌻How long would it take? 

🌻What Keywords are misaligned for my feed?

🌻How many Pins would it take?

🌻Link Direction?

🌻What would create an ecosystem of crash and burn?

🌻How quickly can it be revived? (CPR-Cirtical Pinterst Reboot. LOL)

Let’s also get clear on what a thriving ecosystem includes within Pinterest.

Thriving Ecosystem for Pinterest 

👽Visual Graphics – Strategic Brand Identity

👽SEO Keywords – Research +  Know Your Niche 

👽Intentional Strategy – this will vary from person to person and created from understanding how your brand – soul aligned biz will thrive within the Pinterest ecosystem 


Natalie’s Pinterest Account


Crash the visibility from 50K to under 10K as fast as possible

(We started at 50K monthly views -average of 30 monthly pin clicks – 20 monthly outbound clicks)


Use Keywords that are all high volume traffic and not aligned with my brand yet still within my field of work or niched. 

Link direction mostly to my Etsy store instead of website linked to my Pinterst Account.

Flood the Account with 5 pins a day using the misaligned keywords + link direction.


Two months in the account crashed to 1k monthly views! Yeah! I did it!

Now let’s nurture it back to a thriving ecosystem and see what the results are.

Case Study Part 2


Revive + Restore the account!


Implement the strategy that was working for me with well researched aligned keywords, a combination of Niche + Frequently Used. 

Link direction to the multiple landing pages on my website. 1-2 pins a day.

Revived it in TWO WEEKS with returning to my strategy as the visibility climbed to 18k and continues to grow daily.

Case Study Overview

Part 2 of case study > Revive

Take Aways from Crashing my Pinterest Account

What did I learn about cultivating a thriving ecosystem for not only my Pinterest account but for the accounts I also manage.

Aligned Stragetic Approach is everything!

Know your Niche.

Research your SEO Keywords.

Get creative and try new things.

Anyalize the Data!

A  Few Quick Tips

🍄Have your website linked to Pinterest account.

🍄Have pins go to this website within it’s various landing pages.

🍄Create boards, descriptions, that align with your work, niche and SEO Keywords.  

🍄Create a strategy that aligns with you + track your progress so that you can create the shifts needed to support your thriving Pinterest ecosystem. 

For Details on creating an aligned strategic approach to nurturing your Pinterest as a way to build community and a pathway for clients to find you visit the B-L-O-G for more.