Stepping Into Your Leadership

When we feel the call to lead, we simultaneously challenge our beliefs. Facing many discomforts along the way.

I’ve stepped into leading spaces that I didn’t feel capable to lead at times. Learning how to set boundaries or do things that felt beyond what I feel capable of doing. Stepping into your leadership, in the capacity and wholeness that you know to be true within you, feeling the contrast, the impossibility of it; and the possibilities simultaneously. What I learned from the inspiring leaders who I surround myself with, is they don’t have it all figured out, they don’t pretend to. They fumble along the way, and what makes them so inspiring is the transparency, that you will never have it all figured out. We have to learn not to take things so personally, especially our failures. There is nothing we are failing at, stepping into your leadership in an authentic way means to learn and have an honest conversation with all of your experiences. Honouring each and every experience as part of the experience of stepping into your call to lead.

If you are called to lead, than this conversation is for you.

This calling can take on many forms, weather you are leading in your community, globally, or simply within how you show up in the world and shine your light/gifts/medicine within the work that you do. We are all leaders of sorts, and as we explore the depths of our leadership, we are giving others permission to do the same. Get messy, be curious, have compassion, and jump in, now is the time to step into your power. Being ok with your discomfort will support your journey in a big way. We have to be able to witness and acknowledge our own gifts and places of power, to look at ourselves through the lens of our most favourable light and not to our flaws and our wounded aspects of self.

Stay Curious

We have to be willing to stay curious through our failures and not follow the stories that if we stumble it means we are suck, or cannot do what we want, or feel called to do. Cultivating the ability to witness and acknowledge our own gifts & power, to look at ourselves through the lens of our most favourable light and not to our flaws and our wounded aspects of self.

Are you willing to take risks?

To put yourself out there?

To try things that seem really scary to you?

When we are called to lead, we have to be committed to the journey, embracing all aspects of it, to look at how we are growing and learning while we are in it; and not judge every piece of it from the space of negativity. It’s nothing personal its part of the process, and every time you meet the edge of your comfort zone and step into this space with wonder and pure discovery; you will then look ahead and see there is an endless journey for you to explore within your capacity as a leader.

And this is the beautiful part of it all. For many years I fell into the trap of thinking that one day I will have it all figured out; feeling like that’s when I will find the freedom.

From these encounters within my limiting beliefs rising; I now come to recognize that the freedom is within the moment and my capacity to be here in the now, with whatever is rising. Noticing how I show up for myself, how I care, soothe, and comfort self, alongside my awareness within the landscape of my inner dialogue. Within each and every breath. Releasing the judgement of how the moment is unfolding and trusting in my ability, my capacity to be here.

We have to learn how to ask for help.

To seek it out, to let ourselves be supported by community, mentors, and close friends, that will be there.

This is a place in which I struggled with for years. There were so many times and situations I wanted support but never asked. And ya know why? I was stuck in a belief that I want to do it all by myself. That it may appear to have more strength if I did it all on my own. And I notice how this belief held me back and kept me in hard places, and in my stuckness. I was afraid to speak it to another human because that meant I would have to acknowledge it and take an honest look at it all.

We have to nurture ourselves.

Self Care/Self Nurturing are deeply important spaces for us to lean into.

What does this look like for you?

We are the vessel.

In which is creating everything.

We are the creators.

How we tend to our needs holds a huge impact. This impact supports the work you do deeply, alongside the gifts/medicine you offer the world.

We can’t sacrifice ourselves, our values, our integrity for what we think is going to be successful. We have to honor our alignment and let it lead us. Yep I’ve been there many times and continue to grow my capacity in understanding where I have sacrificed my values for my vision.

Our vessel is like a garden, when you want your garden to grow strong and full of flowers you create the best nurturing environment to the best of your ability.

What leaders in your life inspire you?

Whether they are someone you know personally or someone’s work you follow.

Up until recently I felt uncomfortable around other leaders, nervous and edgy and intimidated. I would not know what to say, and freeze. But now?

Its something I crave, and see the value in connecting, being fully supported by other leaders, and supporting them in return. The more we lift each other up the stronger we all become, as we release judgements, pedestals, and false perceptions of ourselves and others. Coaching is a gift that has such a ripple effect, as we step into the spaces of empowerment we give others permission to do the same.

What aspects do you need to give yourself permission to step into?

4 signs your Embodied Inner Leader is activated

Self Care and taking care of your needs are in alignment with your actions.

Intentions of self care are beautiful, yet when we are offering ourselves the care we need regularly, and making it our priority- our inner leader soars. Leadership is witnessed, experienced, and ripples out through our actions.

Releasing the hold of perfectionism.

Its a practice, a journey of continuing to recognize perfectionism when it shows up.

The heart space is speaking louder than ever.

When we lead from the heart we are in alignment with we/community mindset. Our dialogue with the heart strengthens as we continue to nurture the conversations. When we lead from the heart and take action through our core values, we naturally dissipate the hierarchy.

Cultivating confidence with the unknown, and uncomfortable spaces.

As humans we are all truly winging it, finding our way. As leaders, we step into spaces with unknown terrain, perhaps stretching ourselves a little or a lot out of our comfort zone. This takes patience, time and practice to build capacity within us, and even our nervous systems to flow through these spaced with a grounded and open approach. It is when we have done al to of the groundwork of diving deep within ourselves that we are able to connect to our anchor when it feels like unsolid ground beneath us.

Hi, I’m Natalie.

Spending as much time as possible with the forest and ocean that surrounds me, talking to the trees and animals.

The spaces I offer as an Embodiment Guide are trauma-informed, unlearning oppressive systems and decolonizing spiritual practices. The invitation of our time together is for you to deepen your connection, and wisdom, embodying your medicine. Working with folks who are here on a path of healing, space holders, guides, and changemakers.

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