Spiritually Woke

Has anyone recently typed spiritual awakening into the Google machine recently?

Wow, that was disappointing. And here’s why.

There are no mentions of ethical practices or approaches on most sites within the many initial listings. There is a ton of cherry-picking and appropriation of teachings crossing a multitude of cultures and practices.

The path of one who is ‘spiritually awakened’ or ‘spiritual ascension’ is going deeper into the soil, enjoying the roots and the journey they take along the bones, rocks, and critters…

One may even say recognizing we are the roots, rocks, fertile soil, and everything else, and in between.

The idea of a ‘spiritual awakening’ was popularized in the Western world by psychiatrist Carl Jung (who described the process as coming back to the original Self). The experience of rising to a higher state of consciousness has always been an innate aspect of what it means to be human.

Posing the question, “who am I?”

This is definitely a profound journey and I myself experienced many awakenings, again and again, deeper and deeper.

Many sites on the topic of spiritual awakening, simply list signs and symptoms with some support and guidance. The shadow side of this path is that many of us who have walked down the New Age rabbit hole are unaware of what we are truly participating in, as we purchase our crystals and follow all the infamous Spiritual Teachers on Social Media.

I’ve been in the process of decolonizing my practices and filtering my entire 20 years of work through an ethical lens. Now feeling ready to get messy and share some conversations out loud.

I even feel like my intention of decolonizing was like hitting the refresh button on the spiritual awakening process. Inviting a depth of honouring.

My intention with being transparent in where I am at with it all, is so that we can support each other. This is an ongoing conversation that is expanded by our sharing; participation is welcomed.

Let’s dive in spiritually woke friends.

Honestly, I am not a fan of the term ‘spiritual awakening’ and realized that it was because of the multitude of teachings associated with the term, participating in bypassing and the colonization of spirituality.

And to be brutally honest my participation in this exhausted me since it continued to uphold the veils that kept me away from many aspects of self. The shadow of ignorance or denial is not bliss. A decade ago I began lifting those veils and continue to do so, after experiencing a dark night of the soul, spiritual awakening.

Many folks consider themselves to be in a process of spiritual awakening. This means a variety of things depending on who you ask. Our awakening also shows up in our lives through many expressions, within the multitude of common threads we share.

An aspect within spiritual awakening or whatever you would like to call it, I would love to invite a deeper connection to is integration.

The kind of integration steeped in core values, accompanied by an ethical lens.

Inviting this intention to guide the conversations and become the beacon I come back to when lost.

When someone asks me what do to after/during the spiritual awakening process, there is one thread that keeps circling back. Integration. When folks are feeling stuck or overwhelmed with it all, I’ve witnessed and participated in hundreds of conversations led through the essence of Integration.

We have so many tools we utilize to bypass. This is common conditioning experienced by all and is passed through our societal conditioning. With great intentions of not bypassing, we often continue to uphold the cycle or narrative of bypassing through our spiritual lens. We can be drawn to switch to another song, yet we don’t recognize we are still in the same dance; if ya catch my drift. Be patient with yourself, recognizing how the patterns manifest themselves through new activities takes practice and keen awareness. Our awareness is cultivated, nurtured by our stillness, our capacity to dive into all aspects of self.

Bypassing integration is embedded within the New Age spiritual teachings. I’m still in the process of unpacking and decolonizing my practice, so yes there are many layers and future discussions ahead. So let’s get messy together and unpack this a little.

Also before we continue a clarification of the term integration within this context is referencing: aligned action. To simplify.

A few observations to share from my own journey and twenty years of experience of working with clients.

There are common stages, that may present themselves as…

Realize you may be experiencing the spiritual awakening process.

Go down the google rabbit hole of appropriated misinformation.

(even typing in, ‘ear pain spiritual awakening’)

Purchase as many crystals as possible.

find all the best books for spiritual awakening.

Seek a multitude of psychic readings.

pray for the spiritual awakening guide to land on your lap.

And fill in the rest……

(can you relate to this? I defiantly can, my hand is raised)

What does this have to do with integration and spiritual awakening?

Stay with me here, we are getting there.

When you are going deeper into spiritual practices and cultivating a life aligned with nurturing this aspect of self there are a few ways to deeply honour our path.

These may be a few questions you are asking.

Where do I start on the path of spiritual awakening?

How do I honour my spiritual path?

How can I cultivate an ethical spiritual practice?

I feel lost/stuck how do I move forward?

Four aspects that support your ethical foundation and devotion on your path of SPIRITUAL AWAKENING

(Each of the aspects are deep pathways to enter, here is the portal of possibilities….enjoy.)

1. Get to know your roots, your ancestors. What were their practices? Beyond the organized religions, go deep. Doing so will keep you in integrity, especially those who are cultivating daily practices and ritualistic living. Let your bones guide you.

(PS your roots is your spiritual ascension guide.)

A few things to keep in mind if discovering a practice from another culture you are wanting to participate in. Ask yourself why, ask permission from an elder, or persons within the community who are keepers or teachers of this practice. Respect the answer. There are many closed traditions and practices. How can you do so with respect, find a teacher within the culture to guide you, and offer reciprocation in continued support of the teacher and surrounding/supporting communities. Give back to those who you receive from. Nurture the roots. Honour. Respect. Reciprocity.

2. Do the work. There are no magic spells or crystals that will take away your pain or suffering. We are humans and this is an aspect of our existence here on the planet. We can certainly show up for ourselves in a healthier way that is aligned and united with our values, love, and respect for self. Expand the capacity in your nervous system, your emotional intelligence, and understand your tendencies and conditioning. It’s not always easy, trust me it doesn’t get easier, yet I am so very happy to go to these depths, as uncomfortable as I am at times.

A big thank you to all the guides and mentors that have walked with me and continue to support my journey. Deep gratitude.

3. Trust your intuition. All of what you will ever need lives within you. Your intuition is a language. The wisdom of the body is our most potent guide, you are the instrument through which intuition speaks. Get to know this language, seek community, friends, guides, leaders, folks who inspire you to connect to your own wisdom.

4. Know your Core Values. Get super clear on what your values are and continue to filter your actions through this lens. Write your core values down, ask yourself if your daily actions and decisions are aligned with your values. As you discover spaces where the alignment is not there, it’s ok, simply do better. Continue to cultivate a relationship with your values as a strong foundation within your life.

If you’re still wondering what these four aspects have to do with integration on our path of spiritual awakening, sit with the information for a while.

Or maybe you are having aha moments, keep going into your inner wisdom!

How can these four aspects mentioned above support and guide you deeply?

How can this information become brick and mortar for your strong foundation as you guide yourself on the path of spiritual awakening?

If you are looking for an accessible online container to guide you and deepen your practices and spiritual practice visit Embodied Yoga Membership.

Please enjoy a meditation from our Embodied Yoga Membership:)

Important reminders

All aspects of you are sacred, honour everything. If you are wanting to claim all love and light only, consider what you are resisting or bypassing. Your bypassing aspects of self where deep wisdom lives. Remember that seeds are planted in the dark soil, and roots grow when nourished in the right environment. You cultivate this environment.

If you want to take aspects of ancient spiritual teachings without acknowledgment of the roots or origins without reciprocity, consider the energy you are participating in. Consider the pattern you are participating in, and how hard the keepers of this information worked to keep the information alive within our colonized society. How can we even integrate spiritual teachings without giving back, without greeting our teachers with offerings, blessings, and prayers. Integrating the sacredness of these teachings is not to be taken lightly.

Thank you so much for being here for this conversation, for those who are still reading…I see you and appreciate you deeply. Thank you.

Journal prompts to dive deeper…

1. What are your intentions behind your spiritual journey?

You’re why? Go deep into all the layers, and continue to explore. And then revisit.

2. What would it look like to cultivate a strong foundation on your path?

What communities would you like to be in that uphold the environment you are embodying? What people?


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