Soul Coaching

This container is for the spiritually awakened souls, who are coming home to self.

Welcome to the mentorship container, Soul Coaching is a space dedicated to cultivating, nurture and supporting your spiritual path.

​Soul Coaching mentorship is designed with your needs in mind, honouring what shows up for each session.  This mentorship will be a purely intuitive space, where your experienced guide Natalie will follow the threads of potential, expansion, and offer an eagle-eye view.

​You don’t have to walk the path of healing and spiritual growth alone, you can get unstuck, support yourself deeply as you navigate the inner spaces that can feel heavy.  Gain clarity, connect to your inner wisdom, intuition, and compass.  

Pathways of support for our sessions include

Energy work

Intuitive guidance

Numerology chart


​It is incredibly supportive to have a guide or mentor walk beside you on the path, supporting you, encouraging you to connect deeper to your intuition, your inner compass, and guidance system.


Who are these sessions for?


-humans on a spiritual path

​-Practitioners in the healing arts

​-space holders



Your support is ongoing

– You will also receive lifetime access to the Soul Coaching portal and the Temple community, an online sacred space off social media.

​- Access to myself your guide within the Temple community following our 1:1 work together.

​- Notified when the resources within the Soul Coaching portal are updated, or expanded.

Community. Folks who receive Soul Coaching also automatically access The Temple community within the Mighty Networks platform. The Temple community is a virtual sacred space off social media to connect to other like-minded folks, who share the intention of embodiment, healing, sustaining their practices.  Within this space, you will be supported by your experienced guide Natalie.

What you will find in the portal

Intake/ Flow/ Process

​Soul Coaching Workbook

​The Art of Intention Setting

​Core Values

​Integration + Embodiment

​*includes printable workbooks PDF’s, videos, meditations.


1:1 Sessions are one hour on zoom or in person.

​Single sessions $110

​Three sessions $285

​Six sessions $580


Want to set up a no-pressure call to see if Soul Coaching Sessions are the right fit for you?

Hi, I’m Natalie

Embodiment Guide

Transforming the way we show up, hold space and lead, holds the power of transforming the world.  We are committed to supporting Embodied Leaders, Changemakers, Healers, Practitioners, and Visionaries in embodiment, integration, ethical practices, and illuminating your medicine into your soul lead work, healing, and offerings. 

The world needs you and your gifts, we need awakened souls who are serving from a space of embodiment, alignment, and ethical leadership from the heart.  

Love Notes

“Working with Natalie has brought me much needed personal insight. Within minutes of our first session together, I could feel myself settling into a deep authenticity. Natalie has such a gift of insight and she immediately tunes into what I need to support my body, mind and spirit. As a steadfast space holder Natalie’s presence is always felt during session, yet never intrusive to my own process of revitalization and discovery. Working with Natalie I feel seen, heard and understood; Natalie Parsons – a true catalyst for deep healing.”

-Elise Bryn

“After a Soul Coaching session with Natalie, I feel seen for the first time in my life!

She knew things about me without saying a word, a side of me that I’ve hidden for years, afraid to share that part of me. I now feel completely validated, felt, heard, seen, and at home within self and my body.

I’m ready to dive into my purpose, my gifts have been fully illuminated by our connection!

Thank you, Natalie.”

-Alyssa R

“Natalie’s intuition is spot on every time! Our last reading together I thought she was crazy, the information seemed to be out of left field, but then two weeks later… it all came true!

I am glad she was right, it was the career opportunity of a lifetime.  Thank you for providing insight, wisdom, and a higher perspective.”


“Ten years ago you showed me how to connect to meditation and breath. And at first I never believed that I would ever be able to find relief from my anxiety and depression. Staying with it and practicing, over time I discovered the ‘space between’, of bliss and peace. And those moments become more and more. Because of you I am functioning in my everyday life. I have my life back with me in it.

Thank you”

If you are looking to feel supported

(especially us lightworkers and coaches!), inspired, seen, and wanting to shift some sticky energy – Natalie’s sessions are what you really want to explore!

-Jasmin /Empowerment Coach

From my very first day in your class, you embodied everything I’ve always hoped to experience with an in-person spiritual and yoga guide.

I’ve experienced many yoga classes/teachers over the years, but this was the first time I felt truly guided and supported beyond the physical practice, by you and the energy of everyone in the room.

I’m looking forward to being in your presence again:)


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