Sacred Integration

Welcome to the Community and Sacred Space where you can connect with folks who are integrating and journey with the Grandmother plant medicine. 

We are on Telegram, a safe space where we can speak freely and meet beautiful souls who are also deep on their healing path.

Integration is cultivating a quality of awareness, aligned action, and gentleness within our ritualistic living.

Intentions of Sacred Integration community

To connect and be in community with folks from anywhere in the world, who are interested in sharing sacred conversations with the path of this sacred medicine. 

Integration + Embodiment of the healing that occurs inside and outside of ceremony.

Provide a safe space for deep connections and conversation, sharing stories, or asking questions. 

Reciprocation is one of the words that flow through when cultivating this space.

Why was this space created?

Over the years of being an embodiment and integration guide, one of the common things I hear in sessions is that folks wish they knew others who are also on this path.  They wish there was a community space…

So here we are.  We welcome you if you feel called to join Sacred Integration.

Everyone has so much wisdom, so let’s share this freely as we support one another.

Community Guidelines

Be kind, be respectful.

Simple right?

We also ask that what folks share in the group stays in the group.

Within the group, you can share as little or as much of your experiences as you wish.

About the creatrix of Sacred integration Community

Hey! I’m Natalie.

​Transforming the way we show up, hold space and lead, holds the power of transforming the world.  We are committed to supporting Embodied Leaders, Changemakers, Healers, Practitioners, and Visionaries in embodiment, integration, ethical practices, and illuminating your medicine into your soul lead work, healing, and offerings. 

Natalie Parsons has been studying the healing arts, intuition, and various spiritual practices since 2002.  Her work in mental health, as a wellness and recovery facilitator and a first voice speaker within trauma-informed seminars for professionals and caregivers, continues to cultivate a relationship with trauma and the understanding of working with a trauma-informed approach to embodiment. 

Natalie invited herself on a deep somatic healing journey in 2013 when she began her studies in yoga traditions and philosophy.  These experiences led to a deeper understanding of integration + embodiment from a lived experience lens; with the intention of inviting others to become curious about their relationship to the methodology of embodiment.  

Natalie is currently studying decolonization and continues to weave + integrate this work into her life and conversations with clients.  Upholding her embodied core values through everyday actions.

So nice to meet you! 

Can’t wait to get to know you inside the Sacred Integration community.

Reach out anytime to connect

Telegram @iamnataliesoul


Join the Community

To join the community click on the link below, have the Telegram app on your phone, device, or desktop.

Feel free to introduce yourself as you enter the circle!

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