Resonance and the Rebellious Act of Rest

The needle within my inner compass has shifted over the past few years.  It’s not like I’ve changed directions, simply refined what I value and continue to embody the living expression of what matters most.

Within the experiences we have, there is room to play and explore. To become curious and focus on what we are cultivating within our inner ecosystem.  Connection is a practice, where the invitation of surrender can become the steady wind in our sails. 

 Inviting us to feel into what is resonant and what needs to fall away.

There has been a big shift in community space here, I feel it, see it and honour the resonance. 

As I continue to share my values loudly, more and more folks are redirecting themselves out of this space.  That’s ok.  Not all are interested in the work of decolonizing their spiritual practices, and as I do the work out loud, it’s gonna get messy, and uncomfortable at times. It may be triggering for some.  Within my work of guiding folks into embodiment, and connecting to their true nature, I’ve recognized how essential it is to speak to this, and in my sharing, there is an invitation for you to also engage within the colonized mind and body. We are learning, unlearning and doing our best together.

Resonance ripples through communities, through challenging circumstances, trauma and the entanglement of our participation in oppressive systems…

The truth is, its also been challenging for me to show up within certain spaces, and to engage with some of my colleagues.  I feel myself falling away and no longer resonant with folks who are bypassing the harm that is caused by not engaging and practising decolonization within their work and everyday lives. Trying to see through the co-opted language, I trust that my refinement and understanding will guide me to see things with clairty.  My intention is to observe and do my best to release the judgement, we all have our paths.  Finding our way to invite folks into challenging conversations ruffles feathers at times.

For the past few months, I’ve had a deep look into my behaviours that uphold oppressive systems, that may cause harm to myself, and that leaves me disembodied. 

There is so destination.  I am walking the path with you, calling in the disembodied parts of myself to come home to self for nurturance, to commune with nature and receive her wisdom.

What feels deeply resonant at this moment in time is to nurture my connection to nature, the plant allies and rest.  It’s not always easy for me to rest, and these days rest is often interrupted by the quick changing tides of our current flow.  Interruption and the need to act in the moment seem to crash into my rest like a title waves.  So I keep trying.  I keep pencilling rest into my schedule and try my best. Balancing the layers and aspects of my work is not always easy, often torn between being of service pro bono and focusing on cultivating sustainable income flow within my work.  

Four lessons I learned from rest:

  1. Rest is not only a practice and art form, our capacity depends on us taking care of our nervous systems.
  1. It can take time to reconnect to deep rest.
  1. Spending time in nature cultivates our relationship with rest.
  1. Rest is an act of rebellion and for all those doing the work of decolonizing the body, mind and spiritual practices rest is also a form of activism and rejuvenation.

It’s as if the system does not want us to rest. As if we are forced to keep going, even if it’s harmful to our wellbeing.  I don’t see this as on purpose but as a byproduct of our internalized capitalistic systems. But what if a sacred pause and rest are exactly what we need at this moment sweet changemakers? What if it were an act of activism, of decolonizing.  I too am familiar with rest seeming impossible when the nervous system is activated.  Take your time.  Be gentle.  Offering yourself a few moments here and there, working your way to carving out more and more moments of rest, restoration, and engaging in what is resonant with you.

Sit under the oak tree and breathe with her. 

Close your eyes and listen to the birds sing.  

Lay on the grass and talk with the wildflowers.

My nervous system is now being more climatized to rest again after spinning in all of the work and efforts to navigate big changes within my work.  For about two years, rest was not something that I could offer myself in the capacity I wanted in order to flow with the changing tides.  It’s important to recognize when we have come to a place where rest is needed and more available to us.  Now that I have secured my basic needs being met, what is deeply resonant for me is rest.  I can also feel the collective burnout. We must take accountability for this, we need you to be embodied within your medicine.  We need to create sustainability within our work. 

What I am noticing as I rest is resonance.  

Getting to know who I am now after my experiences, after what I’ve seen, felt, and connected to changed me deeply and quickly. 

The visual came to me in meditation, a frequency wave flowing through me and shaking off what is no longer needed. Inviting me to become more focused and refined with my intention, how I show up for self, in community and the work I share with others.

I am deeply moved by the folks who are drawn to the resonance of what I value as well.  Inspired.  Hopeful.  There are so many humans who know there is work to be done, healing and remembering their true nature. If you feel called to embody your medicine and connection, I have sacred containers for newbies, healers, creatives and changemakers.  Let’s connect:)

Hi, I’m Natalie.

Spending as much time as possible with the forest and ocean that surrounds me, talking to the trees and animals.

The spaces I offer as an Embodiment Guide are trauma-informed, unlearning oppressive systems and decolonizing spiritual practices. The invitation of our time together is for you to deepen your connection, and wisdom, embodying your medicine. Working with folks who are here on a path of healing, space holders, guides, and changemakers.

If you are curious about the work I do and would like to connect, you can:

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