One on One Yoga

This is your practice, your body, and always your choice.  I invite you to be gentle with you.

1:1 Sessions

1:1 sessions are designed to meet the needs of your well being! 

One of the things people say to me all the time is that they don’t have the flexibility, the strength or kind of body that can do yoga.  That’s where I would love to invite you into the true practice of yoga, it’s not about the handstands or looking a certain way, achieving goals or results.  

​Yoga means “UNION” and when I guide 1:1 sessions we invite exactly that!

Guiding you to connect with what your yoga practice is for you, we discover this through our sessions with the utmost curiosity, listening to the body, and practices that support you deeply.

“​Know that the choices you make with your body are celebrated in this space.”

Benefits of 1:1 sessions:

​* Take your existing practice to the next level

​* Build a practice that supports your body’s needs

​​* Learn about the postures, Meditation, and other yogic practices

​​* Explore alignment, strength & relaxation

​​* Support your body, and explore a variety of ways to heal physical ailments

​​* Learn modified postures so that you can take care of you!

​​* Receive a class dedicated to meet your needs; MIND BODY SOUL

Supporting Pillars of our practice






One on One yoga session are 85$ each or 3 sessions for 200$

(sliding scale available, please reach out below to inquire)

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1:1 sessions are available online and in person!

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If you are seeking ONGOING 1:1 yoga and would like to discuss details and pricing, please book a connection call or email

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