The Wisdom of Nature, Listening to the Plants

Rejuvenating our deep connection to the plants and ecosystem around us is restoring our ancestors’ wisdom within us.

My entire life I felt a longing to be in nature, to sit with the trees and sing with the ocean, spending hours alone in nature deep in the forest and oceanside, receiving the Nature Messages.

I’ve noticed in the past few years how lonely or isolated I become when I was unable to spend as much time in nature as I want to. It has not been easy, or as simple as just spending more time on what fills me up. We all have moments within our lives, like the tide that can carry us away, sweep us off our feet and into the depths of navigating turbulent waters. The past few years have felt like I’ve been at sea navigating the storm longing for the shore, the steadiness and softness of laying in the moss and dancing among the wildflowers.

Nature Speaks, and I hear her loud and clear, guiding myself through the changing tides, and able to spend more time in nature again, I’ve noticed that something has shifted. This year my intention of getting to know the native plants and reigniting the knowledge of how my ancestors lived off the land with their plant allies has sparked something within. I am not sure there is any way to articulate this yet, though this spark is inspiring me to share this connection and experiences more.

A conversation with a friend recently reminded me of the story of our home and property, how the land called to me in my dreams…

Two years prior to purchasing our one-acre land on the edge of the forest and suburbia, I had a repeated dream about this land and home.

The dream began with me walking up a hill to a grassy space where a fairy stood. Approaching this fairy she grabbed my hands and would say, this land is for you and walk me to the home. When I got inside my partner would be there and we would begin ripping up the walls and finding jewels and stones within the walls.

The home and property were a real fixer-upper, I mean it’s been a decade of a lot of work and it’s finally cleaned up! We removed two large garbage containers from buried trash in the soil and replaced all the walls and interior of the home due to the very poor conditions. When removing the initial walls the first week we moved in to rid of the mold within the basement, I was at work. I came home to a pile of stones and coloured marbles on the dining room table, my partner looked at me and said… “those were in the walls”…. What? I mean wow, confirmation of the dream.

This for me was an incredible confirmation of the conversations and experiences I had in my dream state of connecting to the land. She really did call me in! This also reminded me of my relationship with nature as a child, spending hours alone talking to my plant friends.

Let’s circle back to the conversion I had with a friend ‘The Wisdom of Nature’ and rejuvenating our deep connection to the plants and ecosystem around us as restoration of our ancestors’ wisdom within us. It would be in most of our beliefs that we choose our home, and when seeking a space to call home, it can be stressful.

What if there is a piece of the earth calling you in?

Are you listening?

Are you connecting?

Nature Speaks to Us all, Let the conversations you have with nature around you guide you to the space calling you in to be the caregiver of this space. Yes even if you are in the density of the city, you are on the earth, RIGHT? There are still plants, bugs and birds that reside there calling you in. Perhaps the land would love a few pots on a balcony with flowers for the bees and this is your way of caring. Or maybe you inspire the other residents to begin a rooftop garden.

The teachings of Nature Wisdom we learn from our plant allies are the tools we need for these times and wisdom conversations that supported our ancestors as well. Nature is always shifting, flowing, growing, dying, adapting, creating. We are nature embodied. If you find yourself inspired or drawn to certain plants or elements, sit and spend time in this medicine. What are they teaching you? They are so smart. Thank you sweet plants and animals for all of your wisdom teachings.

This year through the support of indigenous plant medicine books local to my area, I discovered many allies living in the ecosystem of the property. With great intention, I am creating areas where these medicines have more space to grow so ethical harvesting is possible. I am reminded of the summers I spent at my grandparents tending to the gardens. They did not purchase vegetables from a grocery store and grew all their own food, so the grandchildren came to help harvest and remove any destructive bugs by hand. I feel more connected than ever to my ancestors as I continue to let the wisdom of our relations to nature guide the way. Even though my parents assimilated to survive and did not acquire all of the wisdom of the generations before them with our plant allies, I trust the plants will guide me just as they did for all of those before me. This wisdom did not die, it is a spark waiting to be ignited within all of us.

Rejuvenating our deep connection to the plants and ecosystem around us is restoring our ancestors’ wisdom within us.

Hi, I’m Natalie.

Spending as much time as possible with the forest and ocean that surrounds me, talking to the trees and animals.

The spaces I offer as an Embodiment Guide are trauma-informed, unlearning oppressive systems and decolonizing spiritual practices. The invitation of our time together is for you to deepen your connection, and wisdom, embodying your medicine. Working with folks who are here on a path of healing, space holders, guides, and changemakers.

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