In the Spiritual Closet

What does it mean to be seen.

To let yourself bloom.

To ground yourself in the soil of your human experience.

How do you show up for yourself when you want to hide forever in the dark wet soil?

Let the soil be your ground as you stretch out into the light.

Let the wild of your animal greet the environment around you with curiosity and play.

Did you know?

I spent the first decade of my spiritual work in the closet.

Does your relationship with visibility create powerful ripples throughout your experiences that guide you into uncomfortable spaces?

We can learn so much when we lean in.

I spent the first decade of my spiritual work in the closet.

Yeah, that’s right I did not share or talk about the spiritual work I did with folks in community. The people who needed to walk alongside me in the work simply landed on my doorstep.

So what happened when I stepped out of the closet and into visibility?

And why did I hide?

Well, it was about a decade ago that I began sharing my 1:1 work and group workshops with the public. At the time I owned and operated a Spa/Wellness space with 12 employees, and hosted my spiritual services and events through this space. It honestly was not well received by staff who rather I keep the spiritual services underground. There was a lot of pushback and pressure, so I had to make a decision. To release the large business and all the employees to focus on my work. Everyone thought I was crazy and kept on telling me how sorry they were that I no longer had the business. Which was confusing cause I was taking steps towards visibility, my soul’s calling, and moving through the world that is aligned and embodied. It’s so fascinating to witness capitalism dictate our version of success, and from the outside looking in, it seemed as though I was taking backwards steps.

Little did they know I was planting seeds, creating space.

No more hiding behind a busy schedule of running a large company, I slowly began realigning myself with embodying my work. The next great beautiful disruptor to becoming more visible was the moment I stepped onto the social platforms with the intention of sharing my work. Wow, what a ride… since 2016 all of the wisdom of my true self shining through the uncomfortably of being seen illuminated. Some days it even felt overwhelming to be greeted with beliefs that were outdated and needed to be unpacked as I engaged with the socials. Many heavy emotions flooded in and all I wanted to do was delete every account and exit the digital landscape.

Why did I hide?

Just like many of you out there I lived in fear of judgement. What would others think of me? I also had a lot of healing to do and honestly still unpacking the healing thread of “VISIABILITY”. When we are brave enough to unpack who we are underneath the outdated conditions and beliefs, this creates a massive shift. People, activities, and lifestyles, may no longer resonate. Our everyday lives will begin to shift and align with our true selves and this means a lot of shedding, releasing what is no longer resonant.

Walking myself through the healing thread of visibility required me to consider my relationship with people-pleasing, acceptance and comparison.

There are certain aspects which I can sense are still woven within the closet, and that’s okay, healing is a journey, not a destination. Invite a deep breath in as you read this, an opportunity to feel/sense within your body your resonance with visibiolity. Let’s invite a gentle way to move through untangling from the things we hold onto and that we need and are no longer relevant to us and our way of moving through the world. The spaciousness that is present and that can come as we let go and make room for what carries us forward and nurtures us. Our visibility is about creating space for our inner creator to express and flow.

So how did I turn it around from wanting to run from the digital landscape to continuing to show up and be seen?

By doing the work and asking myself questions to connect with my wisdom. By honouring what is coming through me to be witnessed as it is, unattached and present as an invitation to get to know myself a little more… my needs, my values… an embodiment of the authentic self, integration of the shadow.

What did I realize in this process of becoming seen?

*I was not comfortable speaking about myself or my work.

*Often got looped into comparison as I scrolled on insta.

*I needed to connect more to the language that speaks to my work.

*Refine and share my values.

*Visibility is how much we are open and honest with ourselves. (this is a practice, there are blind spots and ways we try and hide, as a way of protection and keeping safe.)

What supported healing my visibility wound?

Honesty, like real F*ing honest with self.

*Spend time in your creative flow.

*Learn about how you like to express yourself.

*Finding a guide that supported me through the shadow work of what is coming up around being seen.

*Holding yourself accountable when you participate in behaviors that you hide behind.

*Ground yourself in an embodiment practice.

Thank you so much for sharing a conversation on topics that inspire and illuminate the path of embodiment.

Hi, I’m Natalie.

Spending as much time as possible with the forest and ocean that surrounds me, talking to the trees and animals.

The spaces I offer as an Embodiment Guide are trauma-informed, unlearning oppressive systems and decolonizing spiritual practices. The invitation of our time together is for you to deepen your connection, and wisdom, embodying your medicine. Working with folks who are here on a path of healing, space holders, guides, and changemakers.

If you are curious about the work I do and would like to connect, you can:

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