Healing Sessions

Holding Space for Transformations, deep healing & Embodiment of your Potent Medicine.
Healing sessions are deeply rooted in intuition, being present; somatic experiencing and inviting your wisdom to guide us as we bring our awareness within.

Natalie’s energy work is a practice infused with a wide variety of healing modalities with over 15 years of working with the subtle energies. Healing sessions are a powerful support for overall wellbeing, balancing mind, body, soul. Creating a safe container for your energy body, accelerating, balancing, aligning, and rejuvenating. Natalie’s approach is to support your own inner healer and energy body so that you too can access this state of healing anytime.

1:1 sessions are available online and in person.



Enjoy a one-hour session, experiencing the incredible healing and transformational energies within the healing art of Reiki. As a Reiki teacher for practitioners since 2012 Natalie’s experience guides you deeply into the subtle realms of your energetic body and the Chakra system. This space provides insight to support you on your healing journey, Mind – Body – Soul.

Sound Healing

investment 111$

Experience the sacred sound of voice, mantra, and Sanskrit, sound healing sessions guide you into otherworldly realms for you to access what you need within the moment. The vibrations of the ancient practice of mantra and prayer are truly transformational within all levels of your being

Embodiment + Integration

Sacred space for the lovely humans diving deep into their healing work and seeking a guide for longer term containers. Receive your medicine and rejuvenate your connection to the bodyès wisdom.

Love Notes

“Working with Natalie has brought me much needed personal insight. Within minutes of our first session together, I could feel myself settling into a deep authenticity. Natalie has such a gift of insight and she immediately tunes into what I need to support my body, mind and spirit. As a steadfast space holder Natalie’s presence is always felt during session, yet never intrusive to my own process of revitalization and discovery. Working with Natalie I feel seen, heard and understood; Natalie Parsons – a true catalyst for deep healing.”

-Elise Bryn

“After a Soul Coaching session with Natalie, I feel seen for the first time in my life!

She knew things about me without saying a word, a side of me that I’ve hidden for years, afraid to share that part of me. I now feel completely validated, felt, heard, seen, and at home within self and my body.

I’m ready to dive into my purpose, my gifts have been fully illuminated by our connection!

Thank you, Natalie.”

-Alyssa R

“Natalie’s intuition is spot on every time! Our last reading together I thought she was crazy, the information seemed to be out of left field, but then two weeks later… it all came true!

I am glad she was right, it was the career opportunity of a lifetime.  Thank you for providing insight, wisdom, and a higher perspective.”


“Ten years ago you showed me how to connect to meditation and breath. And at first I never believed that I would ever be able to find relief from my anxiety and depression. Staying with it and practicing, over time I discovered the ‘space between’, of bliss and peace. And those moments become more and more. Because of you I am functioning in my everyday life. I have my life back with me in it.

Thank you”

If you are looking to feel supported

(especially us lightworkers and coaches!), inspired, seen, and wanting to shift some sticky energy – Natalie’s sessions are what you really want to explore!

-Jasmin /Empowerment Coach

From my very first day in your class, you embodied everything I’ve always hoped to experience with an in-person spiritual and yoga guide.

I’ve experienced many yoga classes/teachers over the years, but this was the first time I felt truly guided and supported beyond the physical practice, by you and the energy of everyone in the room.

I’m looking forward to being in your presence again:)


Meet Your Guide

Natalie Parsons has been guiding individuals for almost twenty years, rooted in honoring an ethical approach to practicing as a spiritual guide into embodiment. There have been many pathways leading her to the work she is devoted to today.

Natalie has been working with clients since her initial training in 2002 as an intuitive guide, working with healers, visionaries, practitioners, seekers, wellness warriors, and leaders in illuminating their gifts and cultivating a relationship with receiving one’s own medicine, as they step into the fulness of their embodiment.  Her journey has developed a passion for supporting individuals in cultivating a life in alignment with their values, creating pathways of support in sustaining a healthy and ethical self healing journey while deepening the relationship with integration and embodiment.  Her practical approach and easy-going presence remind others of how accessible it is to be on a deep healing journey while serving others with an enriched capacity and presence within their space holding abilities.  Natalie guides her clients into the embodiment of their medicine through her unique approach inspired by lived experience, years of working with clients and blending the certifications acquired.  To work with Natalie is a journey of deep healing, understanding your way of cultivating an anchor into embodiment, integration and living consciously through your medicine and soul’s purpose activating authentic change, and impacting your innerwork and work with others.  

Hi, I’m Natalie.

Spending as much time as possible with the forest and ocean that surrounds me, talking to the trees and animals.  The spaces I offer as an Embodiment Guide are trauma-informed, unlearning oppressive systems and decolonizing spiritual practices.  The invitation of our time together is for you to deepen your connection, and wisdom embodying your medicine.  Working with folks who are here on a path of healing, space holders, guides, and changemakers.

Creating an impact through becoming the change.  Many of us on the planet are wanting to create impact, speaking to the unity we desire to see in the world, and how our medicine will support others in co-creating this vision. I’m deeply devoted to inviting ourselves into the agency and embodiment of this change. Notice how I say we here, cause I am truly not an expert, I’m a guide for myself and others, we are walking this path as equals.  Recognizing that we have been talking the talk for too many years, and now is the time to dive into our values and invite a heartfelt conversation with our actions.  The way we show up and respond within the world and our environments create a ripple. This ripple is the change, the impact the frequency we are putting out into the world; without a deep awareness, not only within the mind but within the body of the alignment of our actions and values- we may be functioning within inner systems that are not in alignment with the change we want to see in the world. Here I am fumbling my way through a journey of what it is to honour the path as an embodied leader, cultivating & creating, the change I want to see in the world. 

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