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Let’s dive into a little bit more of our values, experience + credentials, topics of discussion, area of expertise, and ways to partner together.

Guest Speaking + Teaching

Hi, I’m Natalie

Embodiment Guide

Transforming the way we show up, hold space and lead, holds the power of transforming the world.  We are committed to supporting Embodied Leaders, Changemakers, Healers, Practitioners, and Visionaries in embodiment, integration, ethical practices, and illuminating your medicine into your soul lead work, healing, and offerings. 

The world needs you and your gifts, we need awakened souls who are serving from a space of embodiment, alignment, and ethical leadership from the heart.  

Core Values


Our #1 is community, whether it’s cultivating, supporting, nurturing, or sustaining. Community shows up in many forms and begins from the inside out. We recognize that each interaction/action adds to the forming of communities.


Cultivating a lifestyle that is sustainable + aligned supports us deeply.  When we are rooted in our values and nurture the spaces we create for integration + embodiment we are inviting ease to our everyday lives, and ready to show up with intention and full capacity.


Walking the path of spirituality means showing up for all of the inner work.  Practicing an ethical approach to leadership means to deeply listen to the voices that need our support.  Natalie has woven her inner work of decolonization and continues to revisit how this is expressed in her work. 

Natalie is continuously expanding her education in decolonization and actively participating in the groundwork while applying the principles to her work. She is currently studying the groundwork of dismantling the behaviors of colonization that contribute to suppression, and learning how to engage in conversations with folks guiding them into ethical practices within their approach, behaviors, practice, and everyday lives. Natalie’s studies also include ethical business practices, creating a sustainable ecosystem within our individual businesses/lives, and how the principles and values we have within our business/practice can impact the global economy, creating a balanced ecosystem where people come first. These principles deeply impact communities and sessions with embodied leaders as we co-create new structures within our everyday lives and how we approach our practices, show up within our lives, and serve our clients.

The Why behind this work/ roots of our core values

Natalie identifies as bisexual, and Acadian First Nations. Working through her own cultural trauma and decolonizing within, her world view is expanding to how she can show up dismantling the intersection of spirituality and oppressive systems we uphold.

Experience and Credentials

Natalie Parsons has been guiding individuals for almost twenty years, rooted in honoring an ethical approach to practicing as an embodied spiritual guide.

​Her education includes certifications in, Intuitive Readings, Mediumship, Therapeutic Touch, Reiki, Chakra Yoga, the art of Ritual, Numerology, Heartfelt Leadership, Coaching, and many other countless workshops and training over the past 20 years. She also received certification from Dalhousie University for Facilitation, to support and strengthen her workshops and courses created.

​Natalie guides her clients into the embodiment of their medicine through her unique approach inspired by lived experience, years of working with clients, and blending the certifications acquired. To work with Natalie is a journey of deep healing, understanding your way of cultivating an anchor into embodiment, integration, and living consciously through your medicine and soul’s purpose, activating authentic change, and impacting your innerwork and work with others.

What we do

Our mission + vision

Shifting out of the individualism mindset and cultivating a sustainable approach to embodiment, integration+  deep inner healing, building community from the heart space of ethical embodied leadership. 

Our specialty

Supporting others in creating a conscious approach bridging ethics, spirituality, and embodied leadership.  While rejuvenating your relationship with nature, as you come back home to self. 

Our process/ framework/ method

Integration of core values

The fundamentals of how we show up in the world and express ourselves. When we are the living expression of our core values we are truly cultivating massive impact.

Daily Practice/ Integration

Cultivating a daily practice that feels nourishing, safe, and rejuvenating will sustain the journey of the embodied leader. Our approach invites a lifelong relationship with the sacred space you create daily.

Framework/ Sustainability

The framework is created by you! We truly do not have the answers but you do. We are here to guide, nurture, inspire as you remember your true nature, so you can show up and lead as an embodied being.


Every single human is intuitive. Our relationship and communication with our intuition is our superpower. Strengthening the relationship we have with our intuition is experiential. These experiences are shared within working with us.

Direct all inquiries to: iamnataliesoul@gmail.com

Ways to work/ partner with Natalie


If you are hosting an event, or podcast Natalie is available for guest speaking opportunities. Embodiment + Integration may be a perfect fit for your next event.


Book Natalie to teach in your group coaching program, membership, or course to provide your students with an expert view on embodiment, integration, intuition, cultivating practices within your daily living, Intuition, self-Healing, connecting to the body, the “work”, and connecting to Nature.

Workshops + Retreats

Open to co-creating, infusing our work together through workshops + masterclasses, and retreats that include embodiment, integration, intuition, yoga, cultivating daily practices.  

Area of Expertise

Specializing in:

Embodiment + Integration



Connecting to the body

The “work”

Connecting to Nature

Topics of discussion

Explore Topics such as:

* Embodied Soul, What is embodiment?

* Your Core Values, Embodied/is the new earth.

* Art of intuition, the body as a temple + conduit.

* What is the “work”? Space holding, cultivating a deep capacity, Spiritual Bypassing + the integration of spiritual activism. 

* Cultivating a deep self-healing journey

​Choose from some of Natalie’s favourite topics to discuss, or reach out to craft a conversation that your audience will love. 

Explore more topics that Natalie is passionate about on the podcast:

Love Notes

“Working with Natalie has brought me much needed personal insight. Within minutes of our first session together, I could feel myself settling into a deep authenticity. Natalie has such a gift of insight and she immediately tunes into what I need to support my body, mind and spirit. As a steadfast space holder Natalie’s presence is always felt during session, yet never intrusive to my own process of revitalization and discovery. Working with Natalie I feel seen, heard and understood; Natalie Parsons – a true catalyst for deep healing.”

-Elise Bryn

“After a Soul Coaching session with Natalie, I feel seen for the first time in my life!

She knew things about me without saying a word, a side of me that I’ve hidden for years, afraid to share that part of me. I now feel completely validated, felt, heard, seen, and at home within self and my body.

I’m ready to dive into my purpose, my gifts have been fully illuminated by our connection!

Thank you, Natalie.”

-Alyssa R

“Natalie’s intuition is spot on every time! Our last reading together I thought she was crazy, the information seemed to be out of left field, but then two weeks later… it all came true!

I am glad she was right, it was the career opportunity of a lifetime.  Thank you for providing insight, wisdom, and a higher perspective.”


“Ten years ago you showed me how to connect to meditation and breath. And at first I never believed that I would ever be able to find relief from my anxiety and depression. Staying with it and practicing, over time I discovered the ‘space between’, of bliss and peace. And those moments become more and more. Because of you I am functioning in my everyday life. I have my life back with me in it.

Thank you”

If you are looking to feel supported

(especially us lightworkers and coaches!), inspired, seen, and wanting to shift some sticky energy – Natalie’s sessions are what you really want to explore!

-Jasmin /Empowerment Coach

From my very first day in your class, you embodied everything I’ve always hoped to experience with an in-person spiritual and yoga guide.

I’ve experienced many yoga classes/teachers over the years, but this was the first time I felt truly guided and supported beyond the physical practice, by you and the energy of everyone in the room.

I’m looking forward to being in your presence again:)


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It would be a pleasure to bring these offerings to your venue, event, or online program. Please reach out to inquire about how to make some magic with Natalie, to run a workshop, or feature Natalie as a speaker.

Direct all inquiries to: iamnataliesoul@gmail.com

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