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Do you feel it?

Wow, I’ve been noticing the conversations on my Instagram feed this week and it’s interesting how many of the Space Holders I follow are discussing a topic that has been brewing inside of me. Expansion. Are you feeling it also? Even if you have landed here years later, this frequency is meant for you at this moment in time.

This is a powerful subject, many were excited to join in. There was so much expansion in the sharing of truth, trusting a community with these sacred conversations was a powerful medicine of support. I’m feeling seen by the folks who shared their struggles, their celebrations and everything in between.

So blessed to receive messages from people I’ve never connected to, reaching out to say hello; and how happy they were to read of my experiences. The impact a story can have on another, is powerful and sometimes I forget just how expansive it is, to share these parts of our journey.

Within reading and sharing my own experiences within this topic I realized the places where I was not fully speaking, sharing and offering all aspects of the medicine I offer with the world. This action felt ‘stuck’ as if I was “holding myself back”.

So I dove right in, and continue to unfold the layers of what this has brought up for me.

We are all in it together.

My intention is to be transparent, vulnerable, & share my journey- what comes up for me when I dive deeply into spaces that I am holding myself back.

I could feel something within beginning to surface last week. Ya know those moments when your intuition has been speaking to you, but you have not quite received the full memo?

So here is the raw and emotional realization and story.

For years I’ve been a people pleaser, wanting to fit inside everyone’s shiny version of me. But that’s exhausting. This behaviour does not serve anyone, and even though I am aware of the spaces I continue to participate in people pleasing there is a safety I am holding onto. This behaviour is a tool that has kept me safe most of my life, living through many filtered versions of myself.

What does this have to do with expansion, holding myself back and not fully stepping into my power and medicine?

There is a potency and maturity within our medicine when we release the filters, the way we think these energies should express through us; and allow our innate medicine to express naturally within each moment. How does one even do such a thing? It’s a practice.

That’s where the work comes in, and ya know what?

It’s a lifelong journey with no destination.

When we step into this practice we expand. Life flows through us differently. We cultivate a deep and meaningful relationship with the uncomfortable spaces. Expansion invites us to nurture our needs and the pathways of new ways of being, as we get to know our truth.

I went deep into self with week.

With some radically honest conversations.

The truth is I noticed a space within me that still fears the judgement of what others will think.

I noticed how I try to control how my gifts are expressed and medicine is received.

That a healing session should look a certain way, or what if I hurt someone’s feelings cause what I have to say may challenge their beliefs.

And the interesting thing is for years now I’ve been secretly offering a piece of my medicine to the ones I’ve worked with closely; and who I feel safe sharing this medicine with.

So I asked myself;

‘Why did I never offer my private sound healing sessions to the community and only to existing clients?’

.……. because the truth is; these sessions have been some of the most potent experiences with heartfelt feedback from others who have experienced these frequencies.

And even though there is that part of me that is afraid of “looking weird” when speaking or offering this healing session, there is also the intuition, that is screaming “yes! Let’s dive deeply into these frequencies” ……and now it’s hitting me right in the face, like a brick wall. I am not doing anyone service by holding myself back.

I noticed how I show up for my medicine and the ways I can align my actions to my intentions.

It’s time.

It’s time for us to go to the spaces that bring us joy, it’s time for our bones to integrate the fullest expression of our Souls Medicine.

Whatever this looks like for you.

Where are the spaces that your holding back?

What are the whys?

And are they really true?

Feel into your fire, dance, speak, play in the medicine you have come here to share with the world.

Spend time in your practices, go inwards.

One breath at a time.

Just when you think

you’ve reached the

bottom of your well,

it cracks wide open for you

to experience the infinite ♾

possibilities within.

If you find yourself in the space of expansion, and stuck in some of the thoughts of fear or ego:

the “……but what if……or what will they…..”

Reach out. I’d love to support you in stepping into your power. We are doing it together, each and every day this is a practice where our awareness continues to nurture the spaces that need our attention. There is no destination, or perfect landing point. We walk this together and as a guide for space holders I am deeply immersed in my own work, and illuminated by witnessing others connect with their way into expansion.

Tips on holding space for expansion

Patience. Remember you are a human with conditioning, and layers of tools that kept you safe over the years that may no longer serve you. Be gentle as you bring your awareness when meeting these layers with compassion as you dismantle and connect to your needs.

Get comfortable with the uncomfortable. When we find ourselves in uncomfortable spaces we often think there is something wrong or there is a problem, when in fact we are often in expansion mode. Meeting our beliefs that do not serve while stepping into the behaviours that are aligned with our truth can become very uncomfortable. Embracing these spaces instead of resisting creates ease. There is no problem.

Radical honesty. The truth will set you free they say. It’s true. Yet we also have to recognize that we create narratives within us to keep ourselves safe, to play out our subconscious beliefs in action. We also don’t always see these false narratives and it takes time and dedication in connecting with our inner world to unfold what is actually truth.

Expression. Releasing the judgement is sometimes easier said than done. When we are afraid of judgement, remember that it is a mirror for the judgement we hold within ourselves. Play and explore the expression, trust in this. Know that your authentic expression is not to be labeled, caged or stationary. Our truest expression comes from being present and does not try to copy itself from one moment to another.

Hi, I’m Natalie.

Spending as much time as possible with the forest and ocean that surrounds me, talking to the trees and animals.

The spaces I offer as an Embodiment Guide are trauma-informed, unlearning oppressive systems and decolonizing spiritual practices. The invitation of our time together is for you to deepen your connection, and wisdom, embodying your medicine. Working with folks who are here on a path of healing, space holders, guides, and changemakers.

If you are curious about the work I do and would like to connect, you can:

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