Come back home to self, connecting to the highest expression of your true nature, values and gifts. Supporting the living embodiment of your purpose on your path.

Explore the ‘inner work’, illuminate the shadows and misunderstandings, ignite the wisdom and integrate the patterns of your true essence.

What is the Embodiment package

The intention of this sacred container is for folks who are seeking a guide as they move through big transformations, inner work and integration.

Within our time together you will experience and explore a deep connection to the bodies wisdom through somatic breathwork and yoga.

Rejuvenating your deep inner wisdom to be integrated within your internal and external patterns.

This space is where you will receive deeply from your medicine.

The Embodiment Packages and Sessions

Embodiment + Integration Consultation Sessions

1-hour sessions, Investment 133$ 

Who is this container for?

⇾ space holders

​⇾ folks who are inviting intentional space for embodiment and integration

​⇾ on a path of healing and deep transformation

​⇾ practitioners

​⇾ folks doing the “work”

​⇾ persons who are embodying their medicine

​⇾ souls who are coming home to self

​⇾ Working alongside plant ally medicine, and wanting an integration guide

​The intention of our experience together

​⇾ spend time in the depths of your medicine

⇾ support your embodiment + integration

⇾ expand into new pathways through your intentions

⇾ cultivating relationship with your process, alignment

Within the Embodiment + Integration consultation session, you will be supported by an experienced guide with twenty years of experience as a spiritual guide.

Have questions reach outiamnataliesoul@gmail.com

The Embodiment Packages are for folks seeking deep deep supportive containers

I’m with ya every step of the way as you embody your medicine and move through the muck that is igniting your fertile soil. Let’s plant the seeds and care for your inner ecosystem


Three-month container1800$

Six-month container 3200$

This container is for you if: 

⇾ You are feeling the call to dive deeply into your embodiment of your medicine

​⇾ Releasing old belief systems​​

​⇾ Cultivating a deep relationship with embodied leadership​

​⇾ Strengthening relationship to intuition

​⇾ Witnessing and holding space for all aspects of self​

​⇾ Stepping into your fullest potential and expression​​

​⇾ You are coming home to self​

​⇾ Working alongside plant ally medicine, and wanting an integration guide

​Some of the experiences within Embodiment sessions include Energy Work, Yoga, Breathwork, Meditation, and conversations from the heart.  

Natalie supports your journey, through her strong connection to intuition a steady guide with over 20 years of experience.  Her intention is that you can easily access the information, tools, and practices, while simultaneously growing and expanding on the path. Supporting and strengthening your foundation to your embodied being.



The support you receive

You are encouraged that to continue the conversation in between sessions via inbox, Telegram, FB messenger, email, PS love sharing voice memos.  This depth of support is key for your expansion.

The Embodied online course/portal will also be your support outside of our sessions as we work 1:1 together, details of the course curriculum is listed below.


You will also receive:

⇾ The full embodiment workbook!

​⇾ Recorded meditations 

​⇾ Lifetime access to the Embodied Portal and all updates as this program evolves!

​Lifetime Access to the Embodied Portal

​Yes I am also on the path doing the embodiment work with you, so as the body of my work evolves so does the offering.  It is a pleasure to upgrade, elevate and grow with the deeper lessons that arise. In other words the Embodied Portal will be growing with content which you can enjoy always.

Thank you, it is because of all of the incredible people I get to work with that all leave an imprint on this work, and continue to shape the Embodiment container.

​You don’t have to move through these spaces alone

Having a guide with you over several weeks or a few months can create a huge impact on successfully bringing the theoretical; and the practical application into embodiment.  Inviting your wisdom into behavioral practice and this imprints on all levels.  Shifting beliefs, your emotional intelligence, and healing for the body.

Course Curriculum

Alongside our powerful experience within our 1:1 container, you will also access and have the Embodied online course at your fingertips.

Your Embodied course access will be for your lifetime!

Here is what you will receive and experience within the Embodied Course Curriculum:

Core Values

Root deeply into your values and understand the practical application of how your values can support you during big decisions, deep healing, cultivating your embodied living.

​The Remembrance of True Self

Experience a framework to illuminate your true self.

​What is Embodiment

what is embodiment for you? what does it mean to live as an embodied being?

​Your Medicine Your Gifts

we all have innate gifts we bring into the world, immerse yourself within your medicine and amplify the receptivity of your beautiful elixir. 

Embodiment Pillars

The framework to support the containers you create for your embodiment as you walk this path.


Cultivate a deep relationship with integration.

​Create a System that Works for You

This is the space where you play and explore what this is for you.

​Practice that Anchors your Embodied Being

Our practices are deeply personal, you are encouraged to connect to and discover all the tools and practices that continue to cultivate a strong foundation.

30-day Integration + Embodiment Guide

Steep within your intentions for 30 days through the potent medicine of consistency, through practices including yoga (asanas), Breathwork, mudras, mantras that will support your existing practices. 

What is the difference between the three-month /six-month embodied container and the single Embodiment Session?

The six-month/three-month container also includes access to the Embodied portal -workbook, videos, and aspects of the sacred insights journey woven into your experience. Within this space, we are able to go even deeper.  If you are wanting to walk alongside an experienced guide into the depths of your embodiment + integrations + intuition this is the offering for you.  Within the six-month container, you are receiving in-depth embodiment, this space is for those who are serious about receiving their medicine, understanding their blueprint, and way of showing up on their sacred medicine path. The single sessions/one-off sessions are a beautiful way to nurture your self-study integration. 

If you cant decide which offering is best for you…

Let’s connect, no pressure, our discussion is to ensure that this container is the right fit for us to work together.

​Have questions reach out, iamnataliesoul@gmail.com

Hi, I’m Natalie

Embodiment Guide

“Transforming the way we show up, hold space and lead, holds the power of transforming the world.  We are committed to supporting Embodied Leaders, Changemakers, Healers, Practitioners, and Visionaries in embodiment, integration, ethical practices, and illuminating your medicine into your soul lead work, healing, and offerings. 

The world needs you and your gifts, we need awakened souls who are serving from a space of embodiment, alignment, and ethical leadership from the heart.  Spending as much time as possible with the forest and ocean that surrounds me, talking to the trees and animals.  The spaces I offer as an Embodiment Guide are trauma-informed, unlearning oppressive systems and decolonizing spiritual practices.  The invitation of our time together is for you to deepen your connection, and wisdom embodying your medicine.  Working with folks who are here on a path of healing, space holders, guides, and changemakers.”

Natalie Parsons has been studying the healing arts, intuition, and various spiritual practices since 2002.  Her work in mental health, as a wellness and recovery facilitator and a first voice speaker within trauma-informed seminars for professionals and caregivers, continues to cultivate a relationship with trauma and the understanding of working with a trauma-informed approach to embodiment. 

Natalie invited herself on a deep somatic healing journey in 2013 when she began her studies in yoga traditions and philosophy.  These experiences led to a deeper understanding of integration + embodiment from a lived experience lens; with the intention of inviting others to become curious about their relationship to the methodology of embodiment.  

Natalie is currently studying decolonization and continues to weave + integrate this work into her life and conversations with clients.  Upholding her embodied core values through everyday actions.

Cultivate sacred space within your everyday life where integration is woven within practices. 

​Within the Temple, we invite you into your inner temple. Supporting your path, practices, integration, and sacred space through the pathways of YOGA/ BREATH/ PRACTICES/ COMMUNITY.


The Embodied Temple Membership + Community

Love Notes

“Working with Natalie has brought me much needed personal insight. Within minutes of our first session together, I could feel myself settling into a deep authenticity. Natalie has such a gift of insight and she immediately tunes into what I need to support my body, mind and spirit. As a steadfast space holder Natalie’s presence is always felt during session, yet never intrusive to my own process of revitalization and discovery. Working with Natalie I feel seen, heard and understood; Natalie Parsons – a true catalyst for deep healing.”

-Elise Bryn

“After a Soul Coaching session with Natalie, I feel seen for the first time in my life!

She knew things about me without saying a word, a side of me that I’ve hidden for years, afraid to share that part of me. I now feel completely validated, felt, heard, seen, and at home within self and my body.

I’m ready to dive into my purpose, my gifts have been fully illuminated by our connection!

Thank you, Natalie.”

-Alyssa R

“Natalie’s intuition is spot on every time! Our last reading together I thought she was crazy, the information seemed to be out of left field, but then two weeks later… it all came true!

I am glad she was right, it was the career opportunity of a lifetime.  Thank you for providing insight, wisdom, and a higher perspective.”


“Ten years ago you showed me how to connect to meditation and breath. And at first I never believed that I would ever be able to find relief from my anxiety and depression. Staying with it and practicing, over time I discovered the ‘space between’, of bliss and peace. And those moments become more and more. Because of you I am functioning in my everyday life. I have my life back with me in it.

Thank you”

If you are looking to feel supported

(especially us lightworkers and coaches!), inspired, seen, and wanting to shift some sticky energy – Natalie’s sessions are what you really want to explore!

-Jasmin /Empowerment Coach

From my very first day in your class, you embodied everything I’ve always hoped to experience with an in-person spiritual and yoga guide.

I’ve experienced many yoga classes/teachers over the years, but this was the first time I felt truly guided and supported beyond the physical practice, by you and the energy of everyone in the room.

I’m looking forward to being in your presence again:)


Not sure what package is best for you, or want to make sure we are a great fit to work together?

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