Developing Intuition

We all have innate psychic abilities and are intuitive by nature. Developing intuition is a practice, cultivating a quality of awareness with our bodies, the conduit of this conversation or sense.

When reading about intuition or our sixth sense many folks only speak about the third eye, without mention of the body. Our intuition is actually speaking through us within each and every cell of the body, a sacred conversation, we are the channel.

To embody our intuition is to nurture our relationship with the body, and the sacred conversation of intuition.

Within the awakening process on our path, our intuition can heighten and even become entangled with our old patterns, trauma or what feels familiar. As if the wires get crossed at times.

So if you’re wondering why you are not consistent in trusting your intuition or feel that at times trusting your gut feeling about someone, or something feels scary; you’re not alone. It’s not that you can’t trust your gut or don’t have a strong intuition, it’s often that you continue to participate in the old patterns and confuse familiarity with intuition.

Mastering our psychic abilities

Mastering our psychic abilities or intuition requires us to dive deep into the spiritual awakening process. To do the work, become aware of our programming, conditioning and dedicate ourselves to our practices so that we can nurture new pathways.

Showing up in our true selves.

If you’re looking for the guide to spiritual awakening, it lives within the cultivation of awareness.

It lives within our radical honesty with self and embodies our truth.

Many folks say it all the time, ‘I embody my truth’.

Yet when we truly sit in our conflict or issues we feel stuck in, it’s because we are not acting in alignment with our truth.

There are many folks who have incredibly heightened psychic gifts, yet struggle deeply and do not feel connected or in alignment within themselves or the world around them. When you work on your intuition alone this does not create a balance of your spiritual energy or wellness.

We are experiencing an epidemic within the spiritual communities of intuitive readers, who do not understand the harm caused by bypassing the spiritual work required to be a supportive spiritual guide for ourselves and others.

I lived this for many years, bypassing many aspects of the work and my healing.

Unresolved trauma and our conditioning can result in offering someone only a piece of the puzzle, or keeping the person you’re guiding stuck within their own path as well or spinning in their traumas. We all have good intentions, and many are inspired to support others because they want to help themselves. Ask anyone in the psychology field, I speak from experience as many of my clients come from this background.

If you are seeking a psychic or intuitive guide, have a look at their values, how they contribute to the community, how they give back to their mentors and their intentions with using these gifts with clients. Don’t be afraid to ask these questions. Have a look at the language they use and feel sense beyond the words used.

Connecting to the body + nature

Many folks forget to mention this aspect of intuition development. Nature is our teacher, nature simply is. When we observe the plants and animals we can begin to understand that there is a powerful connection, a knowing, and unspoken language among species and the ecosystems.

We are nature, animalistic. Our bones, DNA, share a story, move knowledge through us, within us.

Connecting to this unspoken language is about practice, trust, listening and distinguishing what is familiar or past story and trauma to where the body is truly guiding us. This requires us to get out of the way in our perspectives, even when we think we are open. What else is unseen?

The wisdom our body holds continues to humble me. I am in awe of the continued dialogue, and what is possible when I spend time in stillness.

Spirit world

Awakening to the spirit world is also not something to take lightly. There are many things we do not understand until we have dedicated many many many hours or a lifetime in these realms.

I would highly recommend a guide, mentor or teacher who has been doing this work for their lifetime to support you if you so choose to use your intuition in communication with the other worlds or realms.

Our spiritual enlightenment experiences can include interactions with other realms without setting out to do so. This can feel frightening to some. It is the unknown. And when working with clients who share their fear of these experiences I am happy to hear that there is some fear, yet we need to balance this fear into a healthy respect. To be naive and engage with the spirit world without guidance is not recommended.

When working with the spirit world in tarot or oracle card practices we must be very intentional with what we are calling in. We also must be strong in our communication with our intuition within ourselves before we go offering sessions with others. Strong within an embodied way as mentioned above. There is a lot of energies we can stir up, and entities that enter the channels you have unknowingly or knowingly created within the conversations with the otherworldly. Navigating these energetic highways can draw a lot of attention.

I’ve been speaking to spirit my whole life, and began my mentorship at 19 years old, working with clients throughout the duration of my mentorship. For a decade I had several guides/mentors show me the way in the art of intuition, card reading and working in the spirit realms. I am now approaching 40 years old and for the past twenty years have learned a lot, and feel there is still so much more to learn.

Spiritual ascension process – do the work!

If we are developing our intuition or psychic abilities without doing the work, it does not serve us well. Especially if we are working with others in these realms and ignoring the real work of what it means to facilitate spiritual practices with others. This is said not out of judgment, it’s out of observation and experience. I see it within many of the accounts on social media, and way too many folks take a quick weekend course, collect their certificate and begin offering spiritual sessions with others. We live in a culture of fastrack, claiming titles, and making money from sacred practices we know nothing about. I am still learning history, culture and diving deep into decolonizing my entire life’s work.

We often confuse our developed intuition with enlightenment.

One can be very intuitive, and very underdeveloped in their spiritual maturity when it comes to enlightenment.

That is why it is essential to engage an embodiment practice when it comes to intuition and utilizes the channel of the sacred temple- Our bodies. We are the compass. Our actions, movement, and way of flowing throughout the earth is a conversation with spirit.

The embodiment of our intuition and intersection of our spiritual inner work is the foundation and intention of creating a container for folks to nurture, rejuvenate and connect on deeper levels – Sacred Insight (a group and individual journey) was developed with the intention of connecting to the art of intuition, rejuvenating your wisdom and healing. This container is for those who are doing “the work”, inviting depth and connection to the embodiment of the sacred art of intuition. This container was seeded from my own experiences of not recognizing how much I was bypassing.

So let’s dive into how I fell flat on my face and into the dark night of the soul spiritual awakening.

It was ten years into my practice and holding space with others for intuitive readings, energy work and spiritual development.

It hit me like a brick wall. The depression, anxiety, and felt as if my life was falling apart.

I was confused as it felt like I was getting so far on my spiritual journey, measuring my success through my intuitive abilities, and how much support I was for others. And yes even though my psychic messages offered comfort, insight, and healing, the messages were shallow and there was no depth and opening to embodiment + integration.

It all fell apart as I began my yoga journey.

How did that even make sense?

I thought yoga was to support your spiritual path, not break you into a thousand pieces.

Little did I recognize at the moment how much darkness I avoided.

How much pain I was bypassing and inner work I had no idea was waiting for me.

Why then?

I was finally getting into the body.

Into the true path of what it means to walk with spirit.

After being cracked wide open I spent two years off from seeing clients for spiritual services to nurture my capacity, and abilities as a guide, and deep dive into my healing.

Within that time I discovered my embodiment of what it was to truly walk the path.

Now I am able to guide from a space of integrity, integration, somatic experiences and embodiment.

Thank you so much for sharing your light in this community, taking the time to read these words and posting this blog within your social media. Each share is truly appreciated.

If there are other aspects you would like to discuss within the conversation of developing intuition let’s chat, send me an email

Hi, I’m Natalie.

Spending as much time as possible with the forest and ocean that surrounds me, talking to the trees and animals.

The spaces I offer as an Embodiment Guide are trauma-informed, unlearning oppressive systems and decolonizing spiritual practices. The invitation of our time together is for you to deepen your connection, and wisdom, embodying your medicine. Working with folks who are here on a path of healing, space holders, guides, and changemakers.

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