Cultivating Embodied Leadership

Our current events are inviting us all into embodied leadership. WE are all leaders, weaving the value we bring into the world through our actions and how we show up. The impact we have within how we cultivate our lives, the choices we make affects not only ourselves, it affects our community and even on a global level.

Perhaps you even noticed the trend on social media where there are many posts within the variety of platforms expressing their embodied ways through dance. Embodied leadership and embodiment practices goes so much deeper than putting on your favourite song and moving your body with intention to connect to the physical form.

Embodiment is a daily practice, a devotion, discipline and dedication to authentic connection to all aspects of self. Inviting our awareness and compassion into action.

This practice is not about perfection, nor do we arrive at a destination point to claim, “I am now fully embodied”… it is a continuous conversation as we are moving through a lifetime of beliefs, and conditioning that may not serve us. The ability we have to expand our worldview and integrate the behaviors that are in alignment with our values is the pillar or foundation of cultivating a deep relationship with our embodiment.

Embodied leaders add value to the world, from heart, what does this mean? Just logic and intelligence are not enough to bring the changes we need within the world today. Embodiment is a concept in that we are aware and conscious of the impulse of our soul within the core essence of the body. Conscious of our inner world within ourselves. We have been conditioned within our society that living from a space of intuition and heart does not bring efficiency or success. Yet this awareness is the main ingredient for a thriving economic ecosystem, within and around us. When we can lead from a space of embodiment within our lives, leadership and business this creates impact within our approach to our relationship with the structures we utilize and experience within our society. WE begin thinking of what’s good for the greater good and expand our worldview.

How can the body help us be grounded as a leader?

There is an intelligence that supports us, a wealth of information, and a way of showing up, when we are only using our minds we are ignoring this abundance and accessing a very small aspect of our visions. Our bodies are an instrument that invites our fullest potential into expression, actualizing our visions. There is a conversation going on within our bodies that is supporting the healing of the mind, body, soul.

5 tips for Embodied Living

Being present. In the moment. In the sensations. Where our attention and focus is we are. If we are in the past, our memories are our focus. When we are in the future we often find ourselves in worry or what if. Our capacity to be present is a practice, that allows us to fully be seen and heard by ourselves, which in turn allows us to be fully present with others.

Cultivate a Daily Practice

Spend time in your energy, filling up your cup, and in integration. A daily practice looks different for everyone! So please explore, have fun and receive support if needed. Create a time of day that is dedicated to your practices and become disciplined in this. Weather you are enjoying nature, yoga/movement practice, journaling, meditation, keep in mind the MIND /BODY /SOUL aspects.

Connect with Intuition

Our intuition is essential for self leadership and embodiment. We are the instruments! I’m sure you have heard the saying, “trust your gut”. We are continuously receiving insights from our bodies, a language that only we truly get to know. Connecting to our intuition can feel challenging at first, for many reasons, perhaps you have experienced trauma and do not feel safe within the body, or trust the body after experiencing illness. Don’t forget about how many of us here in the west were raised…..not to connect with intuition, that it is somehow something to be ignored. (yeah…dont worry a blog about connecting to intuition is coming, this topic is very important) Begin by spending time in your practices and listening to the nudges you receive from your incredible instrument that is our bodies.

Know your Core Values

When we get to know our core values and integrate our values into our behaviours, embodiment flows with ease. Decisions become easier and clarity when we are feeling stuck can dissipate. Journaling with our values will provide you the framework needed to provide you with the alignment and clarity within any tough situation. When we are honouring our core values we feel it within every cell.

Self Awareness

The more we get to know ourselves, and nurture what it is we truly need through an honest and compassionate lens; the more we build our capacity of the embodiment of new depths. Self awareness companion is self realization, which is ultimately the intention of those on a spiritual path. Our minds are very good at denial, deflection and “its not me” syndrome. The more we recognize that the behaviors we in others also lives within us all. Typically when we are constantly triggered or calling out certain behaviors, it is our higher self inviting us into where this lives within us. How we are also a participant in what we do not enjoy the experience of.

Let’s invite a moment to take a deep breath…

Feel into the body, where is your wisdom guiding you in this moment.

Now back to the blog…

We will all experience a point in our lives when living within the mind is not enough and a loud invitation to step back into the body will rise. This may be through an illness, grief, or the many pathways through our lives that invite us back into the body. We truly don’t have to wait until there is a trauma or event that invites us into our embodiment journey, to realize that our soul’s potential lives within the cells of our bodies.

When we are living a life from the mind we are living through what we think or we think others want from us. Leading from this space will not allow our fullest potential to rise, the actualization of our visions. We are not living from our authentic selves within the mind.

When we are within the body, we connect to our power, vulnerability, and are able to be fully present with others, without trying to take or fulfill our needs through others. Standing in a space of fullness and offering. When we are embodied we naturally dissipate the hierarchy and view everyone as equals.

Our capacity to see ourselves is a reflection of how we are truly able to see others.

How does intuition come through for you?

What is the difference between fear or intuition?

How do we recognize the difference?

The expansion feeling, the knowing, rising from the body without story or narrative attached. Do we recognize the voices?

An intuitive leader shows up as presence. From there we are able to hold space for what rises, and reading the group. This creates a huge impact for those who are walking alongside us, to rise to their fullest potential which serves us all.

Hi, I’m Natalie.

Spending as much time as possible with the forest and ocean that surrounds me, talking to the trees and animals.

The spaces I offer as an Embodiment Guide are trauma-informed, unlearning oppressive systems and decolonizing spiritual practices. The invitation of our time together is for you to deepen your connection, and wisdom, embodying your medicine. Working with folks who are here on a path of healing, space holders, guides, and changemakers.

If you are curious about the work I do and would like to connect, you can:

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