Are boundaries as healthy for us as we think they are?

Been thinking about the word boundaries…

Each word we use holds frequency and how we use them together also impacts this frequency. Connecting to words and common phrases we use, is an essential aspect of our journey into embodiment and decolonizing ourselves.

The process of unpacking our language we use within our everyday lives and communication takes time, commitment, curiosity and openness. Requires us to connect in community and conversation so we can continue to open our perspective and worldview. What may seem like a harmless word or saying, may hold a variety of meanings depending on where on the planet you’re located, the colour of your skin, or cultural background.

Since language, is one of the common ways we continue to uphold colonialistic thinking, behaviours, and social constructs, I am curious about connecting to expressing myself in alignment with my core values. In other words, cultivating a language that expresses the values I want to uphold within and around me.

Recently, A friend invited me into the word boundary.

What do the frequency and meaning actually hold within the word and is there a more accurate and full-body resonance way to express what I’m truly meaning?

Another way we can also express “boundaries” is “needs”.

How does that sit, resonate? Close your eyes and visit this within.

When we are meeting our needs technically our boundaries are in place.

Let’s also think about the word boundaries for a moment, what does it represent?

A boundary is defined as ‘a line that marks the limit of an area.’

Other words for boundaries are partition, border, dividing line.

There are many languages where the word boundary does not exist in a direct translation.

The closest translation in French is Limites or Limitation.

Mmmmm interesting.

So what if when we are saying boundaries we are placing borders around ourselves?

I know, I know. We have been taught boundaries from many areas in our lives and especially within the spiritual community boundaries are often taught and linked to the cancel culture. This may not be the popular opinion, yet as always I’m gonna share what’s true in my heart right now… There are many teachings of boundaries that I feel are unhealthy and causing more harm than good. Ya know the teachings that are linked to spiritual bypassing…

Would also like to mention that when the word boundary is utilized within the text of a therapy or psychotherapy session it is certainly a powerful and often needed subject matter to discuss. So I would certainly love to hear from all the therapists who are reading this.

As a space holder who is walking the path, I am curious about if the frequency of boundaries is serving me or expressing what I truly mean.

What if?

I am simply meeting my needs.

My needs may include space, or for someone to take responsibility for their actions. Perhaps having a conversation or engaging in a behavior that demonstrates what will or will not be tolerated within a relationship.

These are all actions to meet my needs are they not?

What if instead of placing lines or borders, we open ourselves to what our needs truly are.

During this conversation, what feelings/senses are activating at the moment?

What if placing boundaries creates limitations, and cultivates an energy that closes us off within the lines we draw around ourselves?

And meeting our needs opens us to engage with, and offering an opening to the possibilities of what this looks like to meet our needs?

What would happen when we shift our language from boundaries to needs?

Would this invite more openness for others to soften into their needs, or nurture/cultivate the capacity for others to respect our needs?

I’m super curious about how this landed with you, would love to hear from you.

And so, one last thought around boundaries as spiritual bypassing since I mentioned this above. What this means is that we use placing boundaries as a way to release ourselves from doing the real work around whatever it is we are facing. Whether it is saying ‘high vibes only’ and anyone who may offer the slightest conflict you run the other way or not engaging in conversations that keep us aligned in our values and integrity because they are challenging.

It’s not always easy to share our needs through our words, behaviors, and daily lives, yet it is an essential aspect to mastery when it comes to our path as embodied spiritual beings.

Thank you so much for sharing a conversation on topics that inspire and illuminate the path of embodiment.

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